What is Silan?

What is Silan?

by SilanAdmin


  • Train health professionals in neuroradiology.
  • Encourage the growth of Neuroradiology through training opportunities in international centers of excellence.

Specific Objectives:


  • Support the training of neuroradiologists future in diagnosis and therapy, with new training centers.
  • To be recognized as the source of excellence in Ibero neuroradiological education, establishing standards and academic medical accreditation scores.
  • Conduct an annual scientific event in Iberolationoamérica.
  • Maintain an ongoing process through multi-year training Annual Categorical Course in Neuroradiology.
  • Increase the number of partners.
  • Encourage the creation and maintenance of national societies of Neuroradiology in partner countries.
  • Contribute advice for regulating the exercise of professional Neuroradiology in partner countries.