Scholarship SILAN-HVHD

Scholarship SILAN-HVHD

by SilanAdmin

Scholarship SILAN-Hospital Vall d’Hebron (HVH), Barcelona Diagnostic Neuroradiology

The SILAN-HVH Barcelona Scholarship, which is granted on an annual basis, is aimed at radiologists who, once their period of residence has ended, wish to continue their research training in diagnostic neuroradiology.

To do this the recipient of the grant will make a stay of 1 year in the Section of Neuroradiology of the Hospital Vall d’Hebron (IDI) in Barcelona under the supervision of Dr. Alex Rovira Cañellas. This grant implies that the beneficiary will actively participate in research projects of the Section under the direction of his supervisor. However, he/she will not be responsible for signing documents or providing clinical assistance. This fellowship does not, and will not, establish any employment relationship with the recipient institution.

The recipient of the SILAN-HVH Barcelona grant will receive a grant of 1,500 euros per month for 12 months (financed in equal parts by SILAN and HVH), as well as lunch at the Hospital Vall d’Hebron. The HVH will therefore contribute a net amount of 750 euros per month.

Likewise, the beneficiary must accept the regulations regarding training stays, data protection and confidentiality established by the Hospital, and sign the documentation presented. The beneficiary will have to contract an accident policy, a medical and civil responsibility insurance, and will be responsible for the travel and accommodation expenses.

The candidates must be in possession of the title of specialist in Radiology/Neuroradiology, and must send a letter of interest to apply, their curriculum vitae and a letter of recommendation from the Director of the Training Program of their hospital, which explains that they meet the condition to be able to apply for this call.

Requirements to be fulfilled by the candidate

  • Radiology/neuroradiology specialist with less than five years from the end of the residency period, working and residing in a Latin American country
  • Two letters of recommendation from radiologists who are members of the SILAN.
  • A letter from the Director of the Training Program or Head of Service of his or her institution of origin guaranteeing his or her agreement to the candidate’s involvement in this program if he or she is elected, and stating that the candidate meets the conditions for applying to this call.
  • Curriculum vitae in which the candidate’s scientific activities are highlighted.
  • Letter of presentation of the candidate in which he or she must explain their reasons for applying, which must include their desire to deepen their knowledge in the field of diagnostic neuroradiology and in the development of research projects.

Deadlines, document delivery

  • July 1st. Applications must be submitted before July 1 (included) of each year by e-mail to An acknowledgement of receipt of the application will be sent.
  • July 2nd. After the closing of the call, the program supervisor will select the candidates who meet the requirements established in this call.
  • July 10th. The final selection of the grant recipient will be made by a selection committee consisting of the President of SILAN, the Chair of the International Scientific Committee of SILAN, the Head of the Neuroradiology Section of the HVH, and the Clinical Director of the Radiology Service of the HVH. The decision will be communicated before July 15 to all candidates.
  • July 25th. The selected candidate must answer before July 25 the acceptance of the scholarship and the conditions established therein. If he does not do so within the established time frame or does so in a negative way, the scholarship will be offered to the second selected candidate. The scholarship selection committee may leave the scholarship void if it considers that none of the candidates meet the requirements.
  • January 1st. Start of the program.

Responsible of Diagnostic Scholarship

The documentation should go to:

Dr. Alex Rovira Cañellas
Section Chief of Neuroradiology
Hospital Universitario Vall d’Hebron
Paseo Vall d’Hebron 119-129
08035 Barcelona, España