Objectives and Benefits

Objectives and Benefits

by SilanAdmin

General Information

The Iberolatinoamericana Society of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Neuroradiology (SILAN) the month of September 1988 in Acapulco was founded and registered in the city of Mexico on 22 June 1989. It is a nonprofit scientific professional organization formed by neuroradiologists, neurologists and neurosurgeons interested in imaging, both diagnostic and therapeutic. Its members can be of any nationality on condition expressed in Spanish or Portuguese.

The main objectives of the SILAN are:

  • To promote the Progress of diagnostic and therapeutic neuroradiology in the countries represented.
  • Develop training programs in Neuroradiology.
  • Promote and increase awareness, friendship and cooperation among its members.
  • Sponsor an Annual Scientific Congress with oral presentations, posters and foreign guests.
  • Encourage cooperation and discussion papers on issues affecting neuroradiology and related sciences in different countries.
  • Establish information systems both in print and electronically, as forms of communication of scientific and technical advances in the specialty.
  • To promote the publication of scientific papers in professional journals, especially in training young neuroradiologists.
  • Grant scholarships and other assistance to neuroradiologists for training courses in neuroradiology services internationally recognized.